Lessons Learned in the Going- Part 5

I cannot maintain an attitude of “us” and “them”.

I recently viewed an anti-human trafficking documentary in which one of the ‘rescuers’ declared, “I hope there is a special place in hell for (traffickers of children).”  The statement simultaneously resonated with me and made me cringe.

I think that having a heart for justice is completely consistent with- even flows from- being a child of God.  After all, Jesus reserved some of his harshest words for anyone who would harm a child: it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea (Matthew 18:6).

At the same time, I find it tempting to cross over the fine line between caring and condemnation.  A line over which only a Holy God is qualified to step.  The danger for me is to allow my indignation at “heinous sin” to justify, rationalize, and minimize my own “mini-rebellions”.

I have to constantly remind myself that, as Ravi Zacharias says, “We may not all be as bad, but we are all as bad off”.  That is, I have the same potential for evil in my heart, and also the same inability to forgive/save myself.



2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned in the Going- Part 5”

  1. Helen, loved this post! I, too, have thought a lot about justice and my own “hatred” of those responsible for the actions. The Holy Spirit reminds me that He can redeem even the perpetrators if it His plan. Yes, only God can judge and give true justice. Thankful that we serve a perfectly just and completely gracious God!! He is good!

  2. Thank you for sharing-so insightful! May no “control” in your life stand between the call and direction God has for you in this journey. Brings so much joy to read how he is “working” in your life to prepare you!

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